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Our extensive experience in new refining units, capacity expansions, and revamp of existing units guarantees our clients maximum return on their investments.

 For process units using catalyst, we require only the basic operating conditions of the reactor. With that information, our engineers can simulate the design of chemical reactors and fabricate distributors and supporting grids.

 One of our key strengths is the development of engineering from small conceptual packages designed by technologist, which simplifies and renders feasible the revamp of plants using licensed technologies.

 The following processes are part of our know-how: 


  • Process Furnaces.

  • Topping and Vacuum Distillation Units.

  • Absorption/Adsorption

    • Sieves, Silica gel, Alumina

  • Naphtha and solvent distillation.

  • Hydrogenation, Reforming and Isomerization.

  • Hydrocracking.

  • Oxidized asphalt.

  • Sour water treatment.

  • Caustic soda desulphurization.

  • Spent caustic treatment

  • Dewaxing processes

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