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To deliver complete engineering designs and guarantee their performance, we provide design and fabricate every type of internal:

 Towers: packing, distributors, grids sieve, valve, or bubble caps trays.

  • Gas-liquid Separators: double pocket vane packs.

  • Liquid-liquid Separators: plate packs coalescers.

  • Reactors: distributors and support grids.

  • Tanks: internals for different uses such as cutting, washing, and skimmer tanks.

  • Hydrocyclones.

 Hytech develops solutions for plant or equipment revamp. We design internals that can be fitted without welding by

adapting the design to the existing supports, which minimizes risks and plant shutdown time.

 To ensure internals delivered to a plant conform to our designs, we fabricated them at our exclusive partner workshop, SEMI, located in Ensenada (Buenos Aires, Argentina), supervising assembly on site.

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