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We provide complete engineering and procurement services therefore reducing risks associated with the interfaces among client, engineering services provider, and equipment and instrumentation manufacturers. We work with our clients side-by-side as partners, anticipating conflict and advancing solutions.

At Hytech we believe effective and detailed procurement is essential to guarantee project success. Our Procurement Department has extensive experience with and up-to-date knowledge of local and international suppliers. We follow strict procurement policies and procedures and maintain high standards of confidentiality, in tandem with the our ethics and conduct guidelines. Because of our efficient documentation management, all our procurement processes are traceable and auditable.


We provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services through partnerships with leading construction companies. In addition to engineering services, we offer solutions that cover all the phases of turnkey projects: design, fabrication, and procurement of equipment, internals and skids; assistance to pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up; and performance guarantees. Depending on the size and scope of the EPC project and our client‘s preferences, we partner with a construction company as engineering provider or as engineering and process equipment provider. Because of our experience and that of our established construction partners, we manufacture first-rate equipment that complies with the most rigorous quality, safety, and cost requirements set both by the industry and our clients.From early planning stages to project execution, Hytech commits key resources to guarantee efficient and cost-effective solutions. Hytech’s EPC solutions provide our clients confidence, expertise, and a company representative prepared to understand the business challenges of each project while aiming at maximum optimization.

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