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Hytech provides pipeline design and assessment services for different transport requirements (gas, crude oil, water, and multiphase flow).  We have a team of specialized engineers trained in the use of the multiphase transient simulator OLGA, the benchmark tool used in offshore and large multiphase pipeline projects for leading companies worldwide.

 This discipline is applicable to single and multiphase pipelines and helps define the optimal design and parameters necessary

to predict and ensure adequate functioning in both stable and transient operating conditions (start-up, shutdown, pigging, etc.) throughout the duct lifetime. This allows the transient evaluation of several scenarios, such as:

  •  Visualization, conceptual selection and design of the appropriate flow system.

  • Flow system evolution. Definition of safe operating envelopes.

  • Flow assurance philosophy and strategy.

  • Prediction and control of hydrates and paraffins formation/deposition.

  • Corrosion studies (conventional, top of line). Corrosion inhibitor injection studies.

  • Slugs prediction. Sizing and verification of new and existing slug catchers.

  • Evaluation of optimal pipeline diameter to avoid flooding or generation of big slugs during a variety of operation modes.

  • Pressurization and glycol injection schemes to avoid hydrate formation during initial startup with a cold unit

  • Alternatives for pigging procedures with limited slug catching capacity.

  • Scheduled and emergency shutdown.

  • Packing and de-pressuring.

  • Cold and hot riveting.

  • Slug generation during rampups. Maximum rampup speed (ramp / staggered) to prevent slug catcher flooding.

  • Cool down and hydrate risk after shutdown.

  • Determination of “no-touch time” to perform a safe hot restart

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