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Our designs range from small batteries located on isolated spots in the Argentinean Patagonia to complete, fast-track projects like the Gran Chaco Gas Plant in Bolivia, one of the three largest cryogenic plants in Latin America.


The following processes are part of our portfolio of expertise: 

  • LTS plants: Refrigeration units, ME Glycol, Gasoline Stabilization.

  • LPG Turboexpander Units.

  • LPG Absorption Plants.

  • LPG Fractionation, Transport and Storage.

  • Adsorption with Silica gel, Alumina or Molecular sieves.

  • Gas Drying with TEG (tri-ethylene-glycol).

  • Removal of CO2 and SH2 with Amines or Membranes.

  • Mercury Removal.

  • Gas Compression and pipeline transport.

  • Crude oil Treatment: direct and indirect fired heaters, FWKOs, Wash Tanks, Thermal treaters, electrostatic coalescers / desalters.

  • Oil pumping and pipeline transport.

  • Topping and Gasoline Stabilization.

  • Water Treatment: De-oxygenation Columns, Skimmers, CPIs, Flotation units, Filters, Re-injection.

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