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Planning, as we understand it, is approached holistically and not by segments, tackling the project as a whole, considering the life of the project and its business environment, while proposing to our clients strategies that minimize risks of both not meeting project deadlines and deviating from budget or performance targets.

Our distinctive added value in a crowded market is providing a comprehensive project strategy customized to our client’s needs and business, considering the completed project from the very beginning. Therefore, we build project strategies around the driver (cost, quality, time) our client prioritizes and balance the other two.

Once our client identifies the main project driver, we establish criteria for:

  • Construction strategy

    • Need for “early works” (early civil works, early tie ins for brownfield projects).

    • Workface planning starting at conceptual engineering; Hytech breaks down the engineering work structure in smaller packages that perfectly fit the project construction/fabrication strategy

    • SIMOPS - Based on Simultaneous Operations analysis, we define procurement strategies that avoid complex interfaces and unsafe situations in operating plants.


  • Modularization / Fabrication Strategy

    • In-depth understanding of local workshops allowing us to better identify the most convenient fit for the modularization strategy.

    • Experience with workshops and manufacturers internationally (USA, India, etc) allowing us to fabricate complete modules designed by Hytech (fit-for-purpose) or to procure standard modules (off-the-shelf).

    • Strategic assistance to local, small-scale workshops; Hytech micromanages procurement of module LLIs to guarantee compliance with deadlines and offset areas where the workshop’s response capacity is weak


  • Procurement Strategy

    • Hytech lays out the planning of the consecutive engineering phases around the main driver and from conceptual engineering, adjusting each engineering phase accordingly.  For example, if, due to client preferences or economic reasons, the contractors available for electrotechnical erection and assembly are not strong enough in engineering areas, Hytech lines up the different engineering phases according to an E&P model, where engineering design is completed for construction and procurement of critical LLI’s is made prior to construction. Conversely, if our client prefers to minimize interfaces and ensure construction quality through a lump-sum, full-EPC, the prior engineering is adjusted to a conventional FEED.

    • ​By setting the project’s basis of design and engaging key actors (operations, maintenance, HSE, reservoirs, etc) early on, the degree of project definition in Hytech’s conceptual engineering is such that avoids subsequent rework or important engineering modifications during the successive revision workshops (HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, etc.). This gives the client a higher degree of freedom to assess prospective contractors for the succeding engineering stages.

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