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In standard engineering practice, equipment is specified with datasheets developed for a single condition and standard (“copy-paste”) technical specifications. The problem with this approach is that equipment may not fit the needs of the project.    

From the beginning, Hytech developed expertise in simulation and process equipment design, focusing on delivering comprehensive equipment designs, with minimum division of responsibilities, and maintaining responsibility throughout design and fabrication. Further, Hytech offers the option of fabricating equipment and their internals in our own workshop with designs customized for our clients. Our approach makes a significant difference in performance-reliant complex revamps and core equipment in green field plants, ensuring efficient operation.  The key to our approach is the integration of the different disciplines in the engineering cycle, including cost estimation, planning & scheduling, fabrication supervision, and assembly and erection on site:

  • Rigorous process design. Equipment is designed for the most severe probable condition and then checked under at least six different operating conditions, using simulation for parameters expected during startup, low flow, other key equipment out of service, etc. for conditions different than those of plant design.

  • Provision of mechanical design, detailed engineering drawings, and vessel drawings, which minimizes the need for the workshop to make fabrication inferences, reduces price, and facilitates offer comparison during bidding.  Also, it allows completion of detailed engineering of skid modules and plants at an early stage (piping, civil structures, foundations, etc.) because workshop documentation can be developed before equipment is tendered and awarded.


  • Equipment follow-up and supervision in the workshop, troubleshooting and minimizing additional costs.


  • Direct management of key provisions allowing foreseeable planning & scheduling of the project.

  • Supervision of equipment erection and internals assembly on site, preventing mistakes during set-up and interconnection.


By having Hytech as a technologist, providing integrated design and supplying key equipment, from initial conceptual design to performance guarantee test, our clients are certain we will achieve expected results.  This is particularly true in revamps, where Hytech has proven expertise in delivering innovative designs and solutions created to fit the needs of each client.  

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